We are looking for African businesses who have the potential to scale globally, and ready to help global businesses grow into Africa.

We are excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last one and a half years, we now have expanded into Africa!

Our Centuro Global Africa office officially opened its doors on Monday 16th, March 2020 and is situated in Cape Town, South Africa.

So, whether you’re an African based business looking to scale out of Africa, or an overseas business looking to scale into Africa, we are here to help facilitate your global expansion plans.
You can come to us for services including;

  • Legal

  • Immigration

  • Intellectual Property

  • Scaling & Expansion

  • New Market Entry

  • Raising Capital

  • Pitch Deck Creation

  • Business Development

  • HR Support

  • Office Sourcing

  • Investor Introductions

  • and, more.

We chose South Africa as our first Centuro Global Africa hub because with a GDP worth USD 294 billion, South Africa is the 40th largest economy in the world and the third largest in Africa. 
They are also home to the third largest entrepreneurial hub in Africa, just behind Nigeria and Kenya.  

A report commissioned by Google highlights the huge opportunity within SA;  “Much of the support has focused on creating early-stage startups and entrepreneurs, with little focus on mapping out the full journey of entrepreneurship and creating support initiatives along the way…”
We are ready to change that narrative by assisting South Africa in reaching its full potential by improving the commercial outlook for entrepreneurial talent and innovation.

Heading up the operation will be Seraj Toefy.
Seraj is a serial entrepreneur based in Cape Town. He also lectures Entrepreneurial strategy and management at a few leading universities throughout Africa and is a regular guest speaker on the topic in Europe. 
He will provide on the ground analysis and perspective to any global client wanting to scale into Africa, while assisting African companies wanting to scale globally. 
You can contact him on Linkedin and our website.

You can also follow what we're doing on our social media channels; @centuroglobal.

We would like to Thank You for your continued support in Centuro Global.
We are pleased to be expanding our hub into diverse regions across the globe in a pact to grow more successful startups.

To celebrate, we are offering any business that is thinking about expanding into Africa, or from Africa into the UK, a consultation.

Contact us today!

Dates Mar 17, 2020

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