Understanding the Ecosystem
We help you understand and define your investment strategy based on your long term vision, organisational objectives, timescales and risk appetite. Our understanding of legislative, social and economic landscapes enable us to drive better investment outcomes and achieve your financial goals in the best way possible.
Raising Investments
Our experts bring their wealth of actuarial experience in investments and funding, helping you assess, prepare and pitch effectively. Backed with relevant introductions and a risk-reward strategy, we furnish proactive, forward looking and performance based advice to help you take informed decisions.


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    With financial forecasts, valuations and market analysis, we help you assess the right funding options, right from venture capital and accelerator funds to debt financing, depending on where you are in your journey. We then use our network to introduce you to the right investors.
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    We get you ready inside-out, with end-to-end support on business planning, financial projection mapping to coaching for your presentation and pitch deck. With our insights and data, we help you present your company in the best light with a high chance of success.
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    Post Funding 
    Once you have funding on the table, we help you manage it intelligently, effectively and progressively. With due diligence, we optimise the value proposition of your funding with a proper growth strategy, international expansion, operations and debt management.

    Centuro Global assisted me with my funding round and helped to successfully secure me investment. Even after the raise was complete, I have been able to go back to Centuro for legal advice and to tap into their global network to assist my business in multiple ways. We have also co-hosted an event providing great value for both ouraudiences. The Centuro team are fantastic, great to work with and feel like an extension of my own team.” More Less
    Rosie Coxshaw
    Managing Director of Modern Woman
    Weddingly was a new start-up looking for mentorship and seed funding. We chose to work with the founder of Weddingly as she was passionate and driven in her business and her ideas about what she wanted seemed well thought out and would disrupt the market.
    We worked with Ellena to guide her in raising her profile by entering awards, presenting at events and showcasing her work in the right places. She went on to successfully secure seed funding through investor introductions that we made.
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    Entracer is an AI driven tool to help banks and financial institutions improve customer retention through predictive analytics. We supported this client expand into the UK, including securing an Innovator Visa and endorsing body approval, as well as securing investment. More Less


Strategic Solutions
We can help you with every step in the global expansion space, including sustainability, travel risks and getting to know your chosen market. Whether you need to engage with local government to understand investment incentives in the market or simply need us to devise your market entry plan, our technology can help create your strategy..
Trusted Experts
Our experts are qualified to provide you with up to date processes and requirements for every country including health and security, laws, templates, local tax rates and cost of living. Compare jurisdictions and make informed decisions without wasting valuable time.
Bespoke Approach
We believe that technology is an enabler to more efficient processes but alongside innovation we advocate human interaction and offer bespoke solutions where you need them. Our trusted experts can answer your questions through our chatbot, direct messaging or initiating your query anywhere in the world..