Protect & Monetise
We help you protect and monetise your IP with legal advisory, planning and real-time application support for trade-marks, patents, design and copyrights. We specialise in strategies that access, evaluate and add value across the life cycle of IP development, both in the UK and globally.

As a product of our experience in the Intellectual Property ecosystem and the legalities surrounding it, our approach is much more in-depth and all-encompassing. From registry and cybersecurity to employees and third party processes, we help you create, protect, use and manage your IP effectively.


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    Legal strategic advisory on IP creation, protection, ownership and enforcement in relation to trade marks, patents, design and copyrights. We manage all necessary applications, registrations and filings to ensure you are covered in all aspects.
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    Portfolio Management 
    & Strategy
    With a proven track record and an in-house team of professional experts, we help you effectively manage your IP Portfolio to maximise value in fast moving and emerging markets. Our deep understanding and insights ensures your intellectual assets, structures, stakeholders, systems and processes are optimised to deliver your strategy.
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    IP Disputes 
    & Challenges
    We help you manage disputes with your IP strategy across Application, Management, Enforcement, or even cross-organisation infringement. With the right legal structure and market insights, we work towards the best possible outcome for your company.
An IP Basics Guide
Early stage assessment and action is essential for effective IP management and failure can result in data spill-over, brand dilution, idea-pilferage or even a lawsuit. To avoid all those and make it easy for you to understand, engage and profit with your IP, we have designed an IP Basics Guide that you can download for free.
Free IP basics guide for you
    We needed a multi-jurisdictional trade mark strategy covering multiple territories. Centuro Global was able to take on our portfolio and co-ordinate the whole process for us. Rather than go to an expensive high-end law firm or approach multiple smaller firms in different countries we were able to undertake a global strategy in a cost-effective manner with the hard work taken out of our hands. Centuro were efficient and organised, and simplified the whole trade mark process to assist us in our international market entry plans including the US and China. More Less
    Alexander Athienitis
    Director of Education Shed Ltd
    We worked with a UK based prop-tech company in relation to a trade mark dispute. They applied for a trade mark for their brand name a year into use, but faced a challenge from a French competitor. Potential risks to the company included the requirement to rebrand, potential withdrawal of funding, as well as impact on reputation. Working alongside their commercial objectives, our team was able to have the objection successfully overturned, and the trade mark subsequently registered successfully, allowing operations to continue seamlessly. More Less
    PropTech Company,
    Trade Mark Dispute
    An established business was looking to introduce a new service but there were concerns of potential copyright infringement. We conducted a review of the new service and produced a report on what would and what would not constitute copyright infringement, allowing the business to better understand the viability of this new offering and to what extent it could actually be delivered in a cost-effective manner. More Less
    Online Platform,
    Copyright issues
    We were approached by a startup that was working on a new technology that the founders wanted protection for. We provided an initial analysis before working with one of our patent attorneys to protect the invention. We subsequently assisted on a go to market strategy for the client to maximise the number of customers being made aware of and purchasing the product. More Less
    New Technology
    Patent Protection


Global Expertise
With 20 years of experience and a network of global experts, we have helped businesses grow globally with relevant understanding of complex legal, regulatory and operational landscapes along with identifying the right partners & processes.
Trusted Network
With offices in 5 countries as well as associates across six continents, we have a truly global network with expertise on protecting your intellectual property. We can help with applications globally, with people on the ground for smooth processing.
Bespoke Approach
We offer end-to-end partnership, available to answer all your questions and ready to guide you through every step. Our partnership only grows once you are set up and operational , as we help you navigate people and processes with ease.