Understanding & Approach
We deliver accurate and viable legal and compliance consulting solutions to meet the needs of modern businesses. Our highly experienced people have the passion and ambition to help you achieve your goals and deliver results. We offer strategic solutions covering areas including expansion, immigration, commercial contract drafting and new company formation.
Managing Financial Legalities
One of the most important considerations in any international expansion journey starts with the tax and accountancy regulations. Businesses must ensure they keep costs to a minimum whilst remaining compliant with the local financial and tax laws. It can be a costly process to get this wrong, hence, we’ve made it easier by helping clients work with experts in multiple countries.


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    Tax & 
    • Tax Structures & Cost Control
    • Setting up Local Bank Accounts
    • Advisory on Local Tax Laws & Compliance
    • Ongoing Accounting Support
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    Investment & 
    • Contractual Agreements
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Commercial Agreements
    • Term Sheets
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    Company & Business 
    Law Advisory
    • Risk Analysis & Crisis Management
    • Visas & Work Permits
    • Market Study & Assessment
    • Navigating Local Laws
    • Employment Law
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    Mergers & 
    • Background study & Assessment
    • Database Analysis
    • Deal Brokerage
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    • Data Protection Compliance
    • Data Breach Response
    • Privacy & Cyber Security


    I run a men’s skincare company and following the COVID pandemic I faced a number of issues with my suppliers. I was able to seek advice from Centuro Global who were able to assist me in my negotiations, rectify all roadblocks with my supplier and even help me obtain a discount. Zain Ali was highly responsive and provided astute commercial advice. He also picked up on some trade mark issues, which I was completely unaware of and saved us potential legal issues further down the line. More Less
    CEO of RA Skincare
    I was preparing the launch of my new business and left the legal documentation to the last minute. I contacted Centuro Global with a 24 hour deadline to work on my website terms and conditions and privacy policy and was able to receive instant advice. Centuro were able to turnaround the documents very quickly and provide thorough detailed advice enabling me to launch in time saving me a lot of stress. I am looking forward to building on the relationship with Centuro and growing my company further. More Less
    Nathan Robinson
    Director of The Luxury Raffle Club Ltd


Global Expertise
With 20 years of experience and a network of global experts, we have helped businesses grow globally with relevant understanding of complex legal, regulatory and operational landscapes along with identifying the right partners & processes.
Trusted Network
With offices in 5 countries as well as associates across six continents, we have a truly global network with expertise on protecting your intellectual property. We can help with applications globally, with people on the ground for smooth processing.
Bespoke Approach
We offer end-to-end partnership, available to answer all your questions and ready to guide you through every step. Our partnership only grows once you are set up and operational , as we help you navigate people and processes with ease.