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How Deel Added a Vital New Product Line with Centuro Global’s Visa & Immigration Services


About Deel

Deel is the fastest-growing startup in history. Its market-leading Employer of Record (EOR) services have made global hiring and payroll simpler and faster for tens of thousands of companies since 2018. Since we first joined forces in 2021, Centuro Global has been a crucial engine room for that growth. 

  • Industry: Employer of Record
  • Region: EMEA & APAC
  • Company Size: 3,500
  • Centuro Global Products/Services Used: Visas/Immigration

The challenge

Deel approached Centuro Global in 2021 to turn its suite of services into a truly global HR offering by handling visa procurement.At heart, an EOR is a speedy but limited route for clients to hire workers in a different country without setting up a formal entity. An EOR provider can’t, on its own, facilitate employee relocations. Yet as Deel gained prominence, leads kept on requesting services beyond the company’s capabilities. These typically involved projects involving international employee relocations. Limited by its inability to secure visas on a commercially viable scale, Deel’s sales team could not onboard a lot of potential business. Eventually, Deel realised they needed a strategic partner to overcome the logistical challenges of international mobility.

Adding visa and immigration services at scale

Deel’s overarching goal was to win more business and increase its market share by expanding its service offering. To this end, we identified three key objectives.

  • Offer visas in over 25 jurisdictions across EMEA and APAC
  • Manage high volumes of visa requests across these jurisdictions
  • Enable the sales team to bring up visa queries in conversations with leads and prospects

Centuro Global helped Deel reach these milestones thanks to our unique combination of strategic advice and our state-of-the-art technology platform. 

First, we consulted on identifying which key jurisdictions Deel should establish visa services for. We also supported Deel with strategic solutions to complex scenarios for high-value clients. Deel’s team described our responsiveness as ‘game-changing, ‘ stopping prospects from drifting towards competitors. 

Once these leads have been successfully closed, Deel’s client services team can initiate and handle their cases on our platform. Our software’s intuitive design and ease of use sped up and streamlined Deel’s service delivery, enabling Deel to process a high volume of pent-up demand.

One of our platform’s key planks is an AI-powered toolkit, filled with up-to-date information on visa requirements and legal compliance for over 170 countries, delivered on demand. By accessing this automated knowledge hub, Deel’s team could suddenly answer prospects’ pressing questions in close to real-time. 

[inline] “I go to Centuro over 16 times daily, and their wealth of knowledge has never failed us.

We run to them with questions about compliance, immigration, eligibility to work in a country, the complexity of visas, particularly in emerging markets, and where we have set up a new entity”

Katya Rosadiuk ~ Global Mobility Manager, EMEA – Deel

An expanded product mix for stratospheric growth

Asked to describe Centuro Global in one word, Katya Rosadiuk, Global Mobility Manager for Deel, opted for  “brilliant”.

On strategy alone, we shaved 50% off the time they would otherwise have taken to research visa and immigration rules. Our client services team then executed large volumes of visa requests on Deel’s behalf. 

The success of Centuro Global’s solution allowed Deel to permanently integrate visa and immigration services into its service offering. This differentiator has helped Deel win significantly more business and propel itself past the $500 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) mark.

As of 2023, 27% of the hundreds of thousands worldwide who rely on Deel’s EOR and payroll services have directly benefited from this service. 

A Partner of EORs 

Centuro Global can collaborate with any EOR seeking to add – or expand – their visa & immigration offering. 

Whether you’re looking for preliminary strategy tips or a more efficient way to handle your cases, we can augment your service mix and grow your market share.  

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How Our Platform Helped Multiplier Scale Up Their Corporate Global Mobility Service


About Multiplier

  • Industry: Employer of Record
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Company size: 201-500 employees
  • Centuro Global Products/Services Used: Visas/Immigration

Multiplier is an Employer of Record (EOR) company that helps companies hire and employ talent in dozens of countries without setting up legal business entities.


The challenge

Multiplier’s service offering requires them to set up and maintain legal entities in various countries. These structures allow them to onboard their clients’ hires. Multiplier needed a sturdy, nimble and reliable system to keep their operations scaling at pace with growing demand.

Multiplier saw Centuro Global’s technology platform as the right tool to handle all their immigration administrative tasks from start to finish. From immigration consulting to entity set-up and tax advice, our platform presented quick but cohesive solutions to each of their challenges. It soon became an integral part of Multiplier’s operations.


An app for every global mobility task

Our platform is a digital Swiss Army Knife for all the practical difficulties of operating a business globally. Its many features gave Multiplier an instant productivity boost.

  • Case initiation and tracking: Multiplier’s team can now initiate and track immigration and visa applications at scale on a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Market entry blueprints: Our library of over 170 individual Country Blueprints provide exhaustive briefings on the immigration rules and processes for every nation. This wellspring of information made it easier for Multiplier to make strategic decisions.

Secure document sharing: Multiplier’s team use our Secure Document function to instantly – and safely – share the required documents for each application.

Together, all these features made it far easier for Multiplier to carry out a spectrum of mission-critical tasks worldwide. These included:

  • Registering entities in Mexico
  • Sponsor readiness reports for Vietnam, Tanzania, South Korea, Greece, and others
  • Carrying out Right to Hire Assessments in Thailand
  • Advising on Commercial Law & Contracts in Switzerland
  • Processing visa applications for Germany, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and others
  • Carrying out Right to Work assessments in Canada and Germany

Fixing global mobility’s pinch points

Thanks to Centuro Global’s platform, Multiplier can now offer a faster, more efficient and more comprehensive global mobility offering.

Processes that were once complex and onerous, from market entry information gathering to visa application tracking, are now almost instant. This speeds up caseloads without compromising Multiplier’s legal compliance efforts.

Thanks to our technology, Multiplier has seen the following performance boosts:

  • 20% less time required for initiating, tracking and resolving legal cases
  • 15% faster decision-making thanks to our platform’s extensive Country Blueprints, filled with information on
  • 99% reduction in the risks associated with sharing sensitive information during the immigration process

We are proud to have helped Multiplier deliver a better service to more clients in more jurisdictions.

    Enhancing Global Operations Through Strategic Immigration Support for A-Gas

    Client Background
    A-Gas, a prominent global supplier of refrigerants and environmental services, embarked on a strategic journey to solidify its presence in the competitive UK market. In pursuit of this goal, A-Gas sought to acquire an established refrigerant distribution company based in the UK, with the aim of expanding its European market reach and product portfolio.

    The Challenge
    The acquisition process involved intricate legal and immigration considerations. A-Gas needed to ensure the smooth relocation of key personnel from various countries to the UK while adhering to the complex immigration regulations and compliance requirements.

    Our Engagement
    Centuro Global, acting as A-Gas’s dedicated partner, undertook the responsibility of navigating the intricate immigration landscape. We collaborated closely with A-Gas’s leadership to devise a tailored immigration strategy that aligned with their expansion goals. Our team provided comprehensive support throughout the immigration process, from visa applications to compliance adherence.

    Key Steps Taken
    1. Strategic Planning: Centuro worked alongside A-Gas to identify key personnel requiring relocation and assessed the most suitable visa categories based on individual circumstances.

    2. Visa Application Management: Our experts efficiently handled all aspects of the visa application process, ensuring accurate documentation and timely submissions.

    3. Regulatory Compliance: Recognising the nuances of immigration regulations, we advised A-Gas on compliance matters to ensure a seamless transition for employees entering the UK. 

    The Outcome
    Through our unwavering commitment and expertise, we facilitated A-Gas’s successful acquisition of the UK-based refrigerant distribution company. This strategic move empowered A-Gas to amplify its market position and expand its offerings, a crucial step in catering to its European clientele.


    1. Expedited Timeline: Our meticulous visa application management and compliance support resulted in the relocation of essential personnel within a significantly reduced timeframe, enabling the acquisition process to conclude months ahead of the original estimate.

    2. Operational Efficiency: With the relocation process executed seamlessly, A-Gas was able to swiftly integrate the acquired company’s operations, entering new markets ahead of projections.

    3. Cost Optimisation: Through our thorough market analysis and negotiation support, A-Gas achieved substantial cost savings, culminating in a remarkable reduction in immigration-related expenses.


    Region: Europe

    Supporting New Market Entry and Entity Set-up For SNC-Lavalin

    Client Background
    SNC-Lavalin – Saudi, a renowned engineering and construction firm, aimed to establish a subsidiary in the UK to expand its international operations and capitalise on the European market’s potential.

    The Challenge
    Navigating the nuances of UK business registration is vastly different from the requirements in Saudi. SNC-Lanvin needed to ensure that their understood the requirements to give themselves a strong position within a new European market including company registration, tax laws, labor laws, and data protection standards. Navigating these regulatory differences can be intricate.

    Our Engagement
    Centuro Global closely collaborated with SNC-Lavalin’s executive team to understand their expansion objectives thoroughly. We conducted extensive market research, identifying key sectors and potential clients in the UK construction industry.

    The Outcome
    Thanks to our comprehensive support and strategic insights, SNC-Lavalin successfully set up its UK subsidiary and secured significant contracts for major infrastructure projects. The subsidiary’s growth in the UK market further solidified SNC-Lavalin’s position as a global player in the engineering and construction domain.

    1. Time Saved: Our efficient market research and strategic support enabled SNC-Lavalin to expedite their UK subsidiary setup process, saving approximately 3 months in the overall timeline.

    2. Exceeding Timelines: Thanks to our expert guidance, SNC-Lavalin secured significant infrastructure projects ahead of schedule, surpassing their initial targets by 20% within the first year of establishment

    3. Money Saved: By providing targeted insights on potential risks and opportunities in the UK market, SNC-Lavalin optimised their investments and saved 15% on their initial projected expenses.


    Region: Middle East