Top countries with remote work visas

Top Countries With Remote Work Visas

For employees looking to work remotely, discover the popular locations to consider
Apr 11, 2022
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a surge of people around the world are experiencing newfound flexibility in their careers. The pandemic has allowed for a digital nomad revolution, with increased flexibility for employees to work from anywhere in the world.

Consequently, several countries have responded by creating a new visa category for long and short-term digital nomads. These remote work visas allow employees to live where they want as they maintain their careers elsewhere.


Given the multitude of countries offering remote work visas, ranging from Europe, and the Caribbean to the Middle East, employers and employees should familiarize themselves with the countries offering these visas and pick a country that best suits their needs and preferences.

Of course, some factors make certain locations more attractive than others. These may include favourable weather conditions, low costs of living, low tax rates, and a laidback lifestyle are often frontrunners. Even so, rest assured that there is a country out there that is a perfect match for you.  

Once you have decided on where to settle, remote work visas are typically easy to apply for online. For employees looking to work remotely, discover the popular locations to consider:  

In October 2020, Dubai introduced a one-year virtual work program that accepts applicants from around the world. If you are accepted, you get access to banking facilities, telephone providers, a resident ID, and the ability to rent an office and purchase a vehicle.

The program also allows a multiple entry visa during its tenure but if the applicant is away from the country for more than 6 continuous months, the visa may be revoked. However, individuals can bypass this by entering Dubai on a tourist visa before fully committing to the one-year program.  

The requirements  
To apply for Dubai’s virtual work visa, you will require the following:
- A passport with a 6-month minimum validity  

- Health insurance with UAE coverage validity
- If you are an employee, the following is required:  

An employment contract with a minimum of one-year validity  
A minimum monthly salary of US$5000  
Previous month's payslip  
3 months preceding bank statements    

- Business owners should have:  

  1. Proof of ownership of their company  
  2. An average monthly income of $5000 and  
  3. 3 months foregoing bank statements  


This remote work program comes with a lot of benefits that make it one of the most lucrative and popular digital nomad visas. Some of its benefits include:  

- The program does not impose a personal income tax at all

- Unlimited access to standard utilities and services that residents enjoy. These include schooling, banking facilities, phone lines, a resident ID, and the ability to rent an office and buy a car
- A seamless and affordable application process. To apply, you will only have to part with $611 in total. This includes processing costs, application fees, an Emirates ID, and a pre-application medical exam  

- The program accepts travel insurance with healthcare coverage which you can later change to UAE health insurance after your visa application is accepted

Risks and challenges to consider   

Besides its benefits, this program comes with several compliance risks that individuals should be aware of before submitting their applications. These include:  

- As a virtual working visa holder, you are not allowed to work for local companies

- If you are away from the country for over 6 months continuously your visa will be revoked
Before making the leap, consult with our immigration experts to assess and strategize on how to overcome potential risks and challenges.

How to apply  

Application for this remote work visa is done online. If Dubai appeals to you, you can apply by contacting us.  


Estonia is a flourishing international tech hub so it comes as no surprise that it offers a digital nomad visa for remote workers and freelancers along with an e-residency visa program for foreign online entrepreneurs.

The E-residency visa allows foreign nationals to work in Estonia for up to one year for their businesses registered abroad while the digital nomad visa allows people to work for foreign employers in a remote position. If the individual stays in the country for over 183 days in a consecutive 12-month duration, they will be required to pay taxes.  

In Estonia, there are 2 types of digital nomad visas. The best one to apply for depends on the duration that best suits the applicant.  

- If the individual is planning to stay in the country for less than 90 days, apply for the Type C Digital Nomad Visa
- If the individual's stay will exceed 90 days, apply for the Type D Digital Nomad Visa  

The requirements  

Like most Visas, you have to be eligible before making an application for the Estonia Digital Nomad Visa. To be eligible:
- You must have a current employment contract with a company or business registered outside of the country

- The company owner should be registered overseas and not in the country. If the individual is applying as a freelancer, clients must be located out of Estonia  

- The minimum income requirement is €3504 per month (before tax deductions). Moreover, individuals have to prove that they have earned the amount mentioned for over six months

- They must prove that they can work remotely and independently  

-  Work has to be done using communication technology such as cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, etc.  

- Successful applicants get a government-issued digital identity for online and personal uses  

- Obtain access to Estonia’s e-services such as banking, payments, and tax declarations
- Affordable application fees and minimal bureaucracy

- Obtain the right to work remotely and stay in Estonia for a year

How to apply  

- The application fee is 100€ for a (long stay) Type D visa and 80€ for a (short stay) Type C visa. If you would like to apply, contact us
- Once printed and signed, visit an Estonian consulate or embassy and submit your application. The review process takes up to 30 days
- If you or one of your employees are already in the country and would like to make this application, you can do so in any Police and Border Guard Board office
Risks and challenges to consider  

In Estonia, there are eligibility restrictions based on the sector of your work or country of origin. Even so, applications can be denied if you can't travel to Estonia due to COVID-19 restrictions.  


If you are an applicant looking for a place with a dynamic food and wine culture, you should consider Georgia. Its landscape and ease of living rival that of Switzerland making it an ideal place for remote workers. In August 2020, the country launched a remote work program that welcomes long and short-term visitors from 95 countries.

Though it is not technically a visa, it allows freelancers and remote employees to enter the country and live there for about a year. The program is designed for remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to work and live in the country without restrictions.  

The requirements  

To qualify for the remote work program, your applicants need to fulfil the following requirements:  

- Be a citizen of the 95 countries on this list  

- Have a minimum income of $2000 a month for at least 12 months (applicants can also get approved if they have $24000 in savings)
- Present travel or health insurance that has been bought within the last 6 months
- Unvaccinated applicants are also required to undergo an 8-day quarantine in an approved hotel and get a PCR test on the 8th day at their own expense
- Vaccinated applicants need to prove that they have received 2 Covid-19 doses


This package comes with its share of benefits. These include:  

- Unlimited access to standard utilities and services such as schooling, and banking facilities
- A seamless and affordable application process. There are no fees charged to applicants
- The program accepts travel insurance with healthcare coverage  

- Length of stay: 360 days  

- Digital nomads with an annual income of $150,000 qualify to register as entrepreneurs and pay only 1% tax  

Risks and challenges to consider  

Some of the challenges that applicants should be aware of before committing to the program include:
- Freelancers and remote workers under the program are required to pay income tax
- The national language can be difficult for applicants from English-speaking countries  

How to apply  

Applications are done online and applicants need to specify whether they are full-time employees, entrepreneurs, or freelancers.  

Bermuda boasts a well-earned reputation as a clean, open, safe, and beautiful country to live and work in. These factors drive many visitors to choose it as a place to work, study, and live. To address this need, the country introduced a Work from Bermuda Certificate which allows freelancers and remote workers to work on the island.  
The Requirements  

Your applicants will require very little information to apply for the Work from Bermuda Certificate. The requirements include:  
- A colour scan of their passport plus validity for the entire duration of their stay  

- A colour scan of their visa if they are not entering from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and the European Union  

- Valid travel or health insurance with Bermuda coverage
- No convictions  

- Proof of a continuous source of income  


- The Work from Bermuda Certificate allows applicants to work and live in the country for up to one year from the date of issue
- There are no salary requirements  

- The program does not impose a personal income tax at all

- Access to Bermuda’s services and utilities such as banking and transportation  

Risks and challenges to consider  

- The program requires that each individual in a family apply separately be it a child or adult

- You will have to part with $268 application fee  

How to apply  

Applications are done online and you can do so here.  

The future of work is changing for many individuals who are looking to work in exciting new locations. There are dozens of other countries that offer remote working visas or digital nomad visas. Stay compliant and discover the various ways you can work from anywhere. Contact us for more information.    

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