Join us and begin your global expansion journey today
Centuro Connect is a revolutionary new global expansion software that empowers companies with the knowledge and expertise to trade in any jurisdiction globally.
Our easy to use, self-service portal will grant users access to a database of blueprints for almost every country worldwide saving you time and money on your international expansion projects.
The entire international expansion process is covered in a user
friendly and digestible way. A Go Global Subscription gives you…
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    Expansion Blueprints
    Get unlimited access to detailed expansion blueprints and jurisdiction requirements for over 100 countries
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    Unique Network
    Unlimited access to a unique network of trusted and recommended experts in all countries
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    Actionable Support
    The opportunity to post requests for support and get the specific information you need from the right experts
Rather than spending weeks and months researching information and looking for service providers, our platform will provide you with knowledge from day 1, empowering you with the initial decision-making information to then enable you to appoint the right experts for your project.
At each step of a country’s blueprint, we recommend trusted local experts who are able to help with your expansion journey.
  • Empower yourself with important and up to date information
  • Save time finding the right local partners
  • Simplify your international expansion journey all in one place