The Priority Report

The Priority Report

In a Recent Global Survey, Humanity's Top Priority is Revealed
Oct 26, 2022
What is humanity’s top priority? Where are we as individuals in terms of our development? What do we value? What levels of consciousness do we mainly operate from?  

Recently, the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute surveyed 130,000 people in more than 13 countries in collaboration with Ipsos. The survey comes at a critical time, discussing the highest priority for each segment of society as the world goes through extraordinary social, economic and geopolitical changes.

From social to environmental to identity crises, people listed their fears and worries for the survey to rank. The social crisis, embodied in the rising costs of living, increasing social inequalities, and lack of social mobilities, came first with 50% of responders saying that is their top priority.  

A close second for 40% of responders was environmental crises, from climate change to loss of biodiversity to water, air and soil pollution. In third place, 10% of responders stated that their top worry was an identity crisis linked to the difficulties of migrant integration, loss of traditional values and so on.  

The survey also had another interesting finding where 70% of people in high-income countries were revealed to be pessimistic about the future while 70% of people in emerging countries were optimistic about it. Thus, it could be concluded that optimism and GDP growth in the past five years are correlated—which indicates that world leaders can achieve progress and improve the outlook of their citizens by attending to their priorities. The survey highlighted one specific pessimistic finding about work, which is that 54% of citizens believed that they are unable to save for their future.

The survey, thus, provides a critical guide for policy and decision-makers everywhere, revealing the priorities of people of all ages, nationalities, and socio-economic standing.  
The results were showcased and presented to leaders, policymakers, CEOs, Nobel Prize laureates, students, volunteers, academics, athletes, investors, and more at the Priority Summit in New York on the 22nd of September, 2022.

Explore The Full Priority Survey HERE.

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