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UK Sponsor Licenses

Give your company the ability to hire migrant workers from over 170+ countries. Our team of expert immigration lawyers can help you every step of the way.

Skilled Worker Sponsor License Experts in London

Looking to hire candidates from outside the UK? You’ll need a Sponsorship License to do just that.
Learn more about how we can help. Our team has 20+ years of UK immigration and visa support, and have helped thousands of other applicants with their sponsorship license journey.  


Navigating the intricacies of UK sponsorship licensing can be overwhelming. The UK visa sponsorship for employers scheme enables UK employers to recruit skilled workers from overseas to fill positions in the UK. To become a licensed sponsor, employers must demonstrate their capacity to comply with the programme’s rules and pay fees.

Our sponsor license experts will prepare all necessary forms, prepare them for submission, and advise you on what supporting documents you need to include. In addition, we’ll also include a detailed cover letter explaining the application and referring to the supporting documents in relation to the rules and guidance. We ensure you’re supported through every step of the process.


Have an urgent case? Use a priority scheme to fast track your application. 

“Our team at Corva has been working with Centuro Global on immigration matters and we have continuously received an excellent service above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend using their services based on our experience.”

Jacqueline Bosworth

Director of People Operations,

How Our Sponsor License Service Works

The Skilled Worker Sponsorship Licenses application requires supporting documentation to be uploaded. Examples include information on the individual managing sponsorships within the business and proof that your business has the appropriate systems to monitor sponsored employees.


The company must identify the need for a specific job role to commence the process. This process ensures the prospective employee is best suited for the job.


At Centuro Global, our team of Immigration Lawyers in London can help businesses of all sizes to obtain a UK sponsorship licence. Our approach provides business owners and HR with a completely managed solution, making obtaining a sponsorship license easy. Our team makes the process easy for you from the start, from the point that the sponsorship licence is successfully obtained, to the skilled worker visa, previously known as a Tier 2 visa, being granted for the prospective employee.


Talk to us today to find out how our team of sponsorship lawyers can assist your business. Once your sponsorship licence is obtained, our optional additional services include:

  • Obtaining further skilled worker certificates for new and existing employees
  • Visa applications for any new staff that you may want to employ
  • Visa extension applications for existing employees
  • Ongoing compliance and maintenance of the Sponsor Management System
  • Any additional forms of UK immigration advice, including obtaining a Scale Up Sponsor License, if applicable.


Our team of immigration lawyers are ready to assist your business with your skilled worker sponsorship license today.

How You Can Benefit From A Sponsor License

Hire Skilled Workers

Recruit the best person for the job, regardless of their geographical location and visa status.

High Employee Retention

Sponsored staff can only work for your organisation, resulting in lower staff turnover.

Cost Savings

Expand your search outside of the UK for skilled migrant workers and save on recruitment and labour costs.

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Need Some Extra Help? 

Download our UK Sponsorship License Guide for step-by-step instructions including: 

Requirements & Eligibility

Types of Sponsorship Licenses

Sponsor License Application Form Process


We understand that HR teams may have questions and concerns about the complications around hiring migrant workers. We’re here to help.

Can any UK company apply for a UK Sponsor License?

Absolutely. There are no limitations on which businesses can apply for a UK license.

Can you guarantee that I will obtain my sponsor license if I use your services?

We have a 100% success rate for all of our applicants, and always advise on changes of success at the outset and support with documentary evidence to strengthen your application. 

How quickly can I get a license for my company?

We have a dedicated customer support team ready to assist you with your application within a matter of days. License applications can be granted as quickly as 10 working days subject to eligibility.

How much do you charge for obtaining a sponsor license?

Our fees are competitive in the market and vary on a case by case basis, so the exact amount will depend on the complexity of the case. Please get in touch with our team for an exact quote.

How complicated is it to apply for a license?

The process doesn’t need to be difficult! We’re here to support, so using our services can ensure that we reduce the risk of compliance visits through careful presentation of your business needs.

Have additional questions or concerns that are not addressed here? Get in touch!
We are committed to providing the necessary information and support to help you with your application process and connect you with a global talent pool.