We use technology as an enabler to help clients, businesses and partners connect, engage and interact with markets across the world, remotely and instantly.
The world is opening up and businesses are increasingly leveraging new markets with rewarding opportunities. However, in doing so, a considerable amount of time and resources go into travel and networking, just to look for the right partners and relevant connections.

In a post Covid-19 world, companies need to access professional advice and information more quickly and efficiently. Our software solution offers comprehensive guidance on all the key steps to scaling overseas in one place.

Centuro Connect
An easy self-service portal, the Centuro Connect platform helps businesses get the most out of our services in a simple, transparent and easy way. With state of the art project management tools for every stage of business, companies can search for crucial information, compare global tax rates, view company registration and banking solutions or compare entity structures. All our services are bundled into this enterprise grade simple and scalable technology that enables businesses to on-board and connect with relevant experts on their global journey.
Key Features
  • One stop shop for Global Business Setup
  • Advisory on immigration and country level information
  • Project management tool to manage your scaling journey and interact with local experts
Centuro Connect is an interactive platform offering networking and lead generation tools to expand your business in any country. Our AI platform matches companies to find the right connections to expand their business without the need for a local presence. Whether you are looking to hire a global workforce, set up an entity, need a local partner or simply need support, our platform is the solution for you.
Key Features
  • Networking & Trusted Connections on a Global Scale
  • Collaboration & Lead generation with verified partners
  • Step by step advisory on the Global Expansion journey
  • CG Roadmap - Visualise your growth journey
  • Global Strategies with Local Solutions

*Mobile app coming soon


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