FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Top tips for travellers

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Top Tips For Travellers

This article intends to highlight some travel tips for entering Qatar during the Fifa World Cup 2022.
Nov 16, 2022
The Fifa world cup 2022 kicks off on Sunday, and many travellers will be preparing for their visit to Qatar. If you're planning to enter Qatar, or if you're there to cheer on your favourite team, there are a few important things to consider ahead of your trip. This article intends to highlight some travel tips for entering Qatar during the Fifa World Cup 2022.

What to expect at the Qatar world cup 2022

From fan zones to the Hayyaa Card, many fans will already be aware of what to expect when they enter Qatar for the Fifa world cup. However, for those who haven't yet looked at the entry requirements, we wanted to provide a brief summary below.

What do travellers need to enter Qatar for the Fifa World Cup?

Travellers are required to present their Hayya Card upon arrival, as well as will need to hold a valid passport in order to enter Qatar. According to the United Kingdom Government Authorities, British travellers are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result, via a PCR or rapid antigen test. It is also a requirement that all accommodation is booked in advance before travellers depart for Qatar. Travellers are encouraged to research the requirements relevant to which specific country they are departing from. For questions specifically related to immigration, we'd be happy to help. Please email hello@centuroglobal.com for assistance, or visit the official Qatar government website here.

What is a Hayya Card?

A Hayya card is a form of fan ID which is a requirement in order to attend the country any time between November 2022 up until the 23rd of December 2022. This is an entry requirement, even for travellers who are not attending the Fifa World Cup. To apply, visit the Hayya Portal, where main ticket holders can apply for specific access on behalf of family members or friends for example. There is a lot of detailed information about the Hayya card and the requirements for travellers. Travellers are encouraged to visit the official FAQ page here should they require more information.

What are some of the main things to consider?

Many attendees planning to visit Qatar have questions concerning emergency medical treatment, public transport as well as whether they may be able to drink alcohol. The UK government have put together 6 top tips for fans attending the tournament. They strongly encourage all travellers to get travel insurance. This will help to reduce the risk of high medical bills in case individuals require medical assistance. This insurance should cover all destinations, relevant medical needs as well as planned activities.

It is also highly encouraged that fans are aware of the dos and don'ts concerning how to behave in Qatar. The laws and customs in Qatar are very different to those in the UK, and those in many other countries. Fans are encouraged to behave in a respectful manner and to follow the laws and guidelines set out by the Qatari Government. The rules and the availability for the consumption of alcohol are very different to most previous world cups. Limited alcohol consumption will be permitted, within specific zones and areas set out by the Qatari Government. According to an article by DW, Qatar's Supreme Committee is organizing the tournament has stated that "Alcohol is not part of Qatari culture but hospitality is, and so those fans who wish to consume alcohol during the World Cup in Qatar will be able to do so".

There are expected to be fan zones surrounding the stadiums which will allow ticketholders to consume beer, however, this will be limited to before and after the games and beer cannot be taken into the stadiums themselves or onto the streets.

Read the 6 tips outlined by the UK government here. We hope that all travellers who attend the Fifa World Cup 2022 have a wonderful visit and that the country they choose to cheer on has much success.

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