Centuro Global launches Coffee With Centuro!

Weekly Video Show discussing the latest business news and our insights from around the world.

Our team regularly has insightful discussions about business news from around the world, sharing interesting opinions, fascinating insights and experiences over a cup of coffee and we thought why not turn this into a weekly chat show / podcast / vlog series?!

We sat down and thought, what can we call this, and decided to name it after exactly what it is - Coffee with Centuro ("CwC").

In episode 1, Zain Ali, Ben Blackburn and Seraj Toefy (all of Centuro Global) sit down alongside guest, Shaheena Rasool from Oclas Group (a turnaround business consultancy) and discuss the Winners & Losers of COVID so far, and what struggling businesses can do to keep going and get through this pandemic.

Check out the video here and let us know what you think! 

Dates Aug 25, 2020

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