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Zain Ali named as one of the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in the UK 2020

The CEO Publication Award

The CEO Publication, a unique print & digital platform featuring the industry experts who have created ripples across various areas of expertise has acknowledged Zain Ali, CEO of Centuro Global—assisting businesses in entering and scaling into new markets—one among the “Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020 in the UK″ who is transforming the industry with his unique solutions. The CEO Publication has been become pioneering magazine owing to their unique coverage of news, articles & industry leaders concentrating on transforming various arenas.

Owing to the innovative approach adapted by Zain Ali, CEO of Centuro Global, he is being featured in the “Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020 in the UK″ edition. The company takes care of every step of the international expansion journey from tax, legal, immigration to HR and Payroll allowing their clients to trade in any jurisdiction globally with ease and efficiency. Adam Patrick, Managing Editor of The CEO Publication says, “It is an honor to recognize Zain Ali, CEO of Centuro Global as one among the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020 in the UK who is a true inspiration. Centuro’s solutions come integrated in a fantastic online platform that democratise access to information and advisory services. Designed to help clients connect, communicate and collaborate with global experts remotely; it simplifies the complex global expansion process with a clear strategy, roadmap, tools and a trusted network; all at your fingertips.”

Zain Ali, CEO of Centuro Global said, “Companies frequently struggle to make critical decisions during the global expansion process. Our platform equips you with the knowledge and power to make these decisions quickly and efficiently.”

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Dates Oct 12, 2020

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