The fourth edition of our magazine: Centuro Connect is here

The Fourth Edition Of Our Magazine: Centuro Connect Is Here

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Dec 24, 2021
Global growth can be both daunting and rewarding. According to a Thomson Reuters survey, there is an almost universal agreement (98%) that having a global presence will be critical to businesses’ relevance in 2025. As such, pursuing opportunities in the global marketplace requires the right perspective, and acting on those opportunities requires the right skills and entrepreneurial instincts.  

We are thrilled to share the 4th issue of our digital magazine, CENTURO CONNECT - focused on inspiring readers with new ways of thinking, sharing tips on leadership, and promoting greater awareness of issues that may affect global businesses as well as expansion and growth opportunities.

This issue of CENTURO CONNECT magazine is packed with great articles from across the Global Expansion community. Read about:

  • Our inaugural Global Expansion Conference 
  • Greece’s solution to EU’s immigration requirements 
  • Post-office Covid Dilemma 
  • Reasons why you and your business need to be in Asia 
  • An interview with our incredible sales team 
  • A focus on Centuro Connect and the latest updates 
  • … and many more! 
Our thanks as always go to the authors, contributors, and our incredible editorial team. With the majority of our readers still working remotely, we continue to make the magazine free and easily accessible in digital format only.

This and previous issues are available online HERE.

CENTURO CONNECT - Your trusted literary companion in the world of Global Expansion.

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