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Centuro Global is pleased to announce the first-ever Global Expansion Conference, being held in Barcelona from 23rd to 25th March 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have limited the movement of people; however, it has highlighted the next wave of globalisation- a generation of business that is less centralised, increasingly geographically diverse, and far more digitally interconnected. The mission of the Global Expansion Conference is embracing sustainability and the pace at which technology is disrupting. With more than six out of 10 mid-market businesses believing that sustainability is as important as financial success, the conference promises to bring together industry leaders and experts debating how to prioritise for maximum impact in the move to more sustainable business practices around the world.   

With delegates from all 5 continents, the conference will be the culmination of thought leadership, networking, and discussions around the next decade of global expansion   

Zain Ali, CEO of Centuro Global proclaimed that “After 2 years of virtual meetings, it is time to get back into a room and discuss the future of business”. Ali went on to say that whilst several conferences focus on the individual disciplines of global expansion, this will be the first to bring together a global community of leaders discussing the role of technology, how to operate sustainably, and cover off key challenges within compliance, regulatory and risk! Ali commented, “With so many companies adopting innovation and growing at rapid speed and countries placing targets on decarbonisation, climate neutrality, and low emissions, it has become critical for companies to prioritise their strategies and adopt new business models. The wave of demands on C-suite leaders around the world has been completely transformed by the pandemic”.   

The Catalan city of Barcelona is world-renowned for its beaches, food, culture, and come March 2022, it will bring on a new era of business, as the delegates of the world meet to discuss the future of global expansion.  


Centuro Global is the world’s first provider of innovative end-to-end global expansion management solutions, allowing you to seamlessly expand into any new market around the world.  

Centuro brings together three core pillars:  

(a) Intelligence - we have the most comprehensive data tool on the market providing an interactive AI-driven database of how to do business in over 170 countries;  

(b) Global network – local experts ready to action any requirements a company may have at local rates, allowing you to expand sustainably; and  

(c) Service delivery – an in-house coordination team, live chat, and automated notifications, and project tracking tools to handle any query and manage the expert network across jurisdictions.  

Centuro Global provides these solutions through our innovative and one-of-a-kind technology platform, Centuro Connect. 

Dates Nov 02, 2021

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