Centuro Global Presents: The Network Effect

Centuro Global Presents: The Network Effect

The most exciting new chat show focusing on how businesses can succeed on a global scale!
Jun 21, 2021

The old fable goes that “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Whilst we don’t consider this to be entirely accurate, it is impossible to ignore that one of the biggest assets in anyone’s life is the people in it. The bigger and stronger your network, the more success you are likely to have.  

So why are Networks so valuable?
 They have a host of benefits including:

  • Creating new opportunities (business or career) 
  • Enabling you to access new information or knowledge 
  • Providing fresh ideas and perspectives

And ultimately, the human race thrives on connections and so developing long-lasting personal relationships come with their own rewards.
 What is The Network Effect?
 At the heart of Centuro Global’s ethos is helping businesses grow and scale globally. In order to succeed on a global scale, having access to the right knowledge, skills, and local expertise across the globe is imperative. A truly powerful network is one where everyone shares. The more everyone gives, the more everyone will receive.
 We wanted to find another way to help not just those in our immediate network grow, but to reach out wider and share the amazing knowledge, insight, and experiences of our highly esteemed network with the wider world.
 We are therefore extremely excited to announce the launch of our new show, The Network Effect!
 We will dive into the latest global news, expansion best practices, and bring on a range of fantastic guests from the world of venture capital, private equity, and across the business world. Tune in to hear from successful founders, executives, and directors who have successfully taken their businesses global. What were their main challenges and struggles? Where did they fail? And ultimately, what really led to their success?
 We will open up our black book of key experts across all continents to share their top tips and advice so this is truly a show not to be missed! 

Where, When, and How? 

The Network Effect will be live on LinkedIn every Wednesday at 2 pm BST and on YouTube and all podcast platforms every Thursday.

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