Centuro Connect: The World's First All Encompassing Global Expansion Platform

Centuro Connect: The World's First All Encompassing Global Expansion Platform

Expanding a business is often complex, expensive and time consuming, but what if it didn’t have to be?
May 25, 2021

The international expansion experts at Centuro Global have built the world’s first AI-powered intuitive, intelligent and interactive expansion platform - Centuro Connect. An easy-to-use self-service portal designed to empower companies with information and expertise to trade in any jurisdiction globally.

By using its AI-powered project management software, companies can halve the time spent on creating their expansion strategies, and reduce their initial costs by around 30%, whilst gaining insights into local requirements, project risks, and access to key local personnel.

Now, all it takes is a few clicks to search for crucial information on over 150 countries, compare global tax rates, view company incorporation procedures & banking solutions, compare entity structures & immigration rules, and much more!

All information is neatly organised in a digestible format, with templates readily available and the Centuro Global team of experts are on call to support you through your entire global expansion process and deliver best-in-class services at localised rates.

The company’s two London-based co-founders, Asma Bashir (Chairwoman) and Zain Ali (CEO) are both with a legal background in two of the most prominent international law firms, felt that the way professional services are currently consumed is in urgent need of disruption.

“We built Centuro Connect to give power back to the client and to democratise access to traditionally complex information in a digestible format, whilst creating transparency of services and costs in different jurisdictions across the globe. Technology has made life simpler in so many ways, and it’s time that such innovation is brought to the legal and wider professional services industries,” comments Zain Ali.

Indeed, users of the platform such as Richard Nicholl, the Vice President of Human Resources at SNC-Lavalin, have been immensely impressed.

“Very intuitive platform with a vast amount of information on entity set up, tax rates, immigration process and much more. As the Head of a large Global HR team, this type of information is really useful and saves us time and expense when researching new markets around the world.”

Now you don’t have to spend months researching local laws, visa requirements, and entity structures. You don’t have to waste time trying to find reliable, trusted local partners and wondering who the right person is to speak to. And you no longer have to juggle multiple moving parts in a fragmented manner with costs spiraling out of control.

Centuro Connect empowers you with knowledge, helps you build your expansion strategy, and gives you access to on-the-ground experts at the click of a button.

Sign up to Centuro Connect now – a one-stop-shop for all global expansion requirements.

For additional information, visit CENTURO CONNECT or contact hello@centuroglobal.com

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