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case studies

Company set up structure
Our client, a large global engineering company entered into a government contract to develop infrastructure in Ghana and wanted to establish a presence and send expatriate workers from the US and the UK to work locally in the country. They spent six months establishing the local presence before the enquired about the rules to transfer the employees to Ghana. Having assessed the structure of the company and other evidence it transpired that the local entity was not able to hire foreign workers due to quota rules. The client had spent several months paying for expensive services to establish a business in the local country, only to realise that the structure would not allow them to fulfil their commercial objectives. Our team worked with the client quickly and efficiently introducing them to the appropriate government departments and help find a fast track solution under exceptional circumstances. This enabled our client to deliver on the contract with minimal disruption to their business.
New Market Entry
A tech company wishing to enter the UAE and establish a presence struggled with accurate advice and information on the requirements and timelines for scaling into the region. They had already spent a considerable sum of money seeking advice but wanted to find a solution that achieved their overall vision for expansion. They used our technology to understand the entire expansion process starting from local knowledge/economy, entity structure options including pros and cons; the time it would take to establish an entity and the most cost effective method in the shortest timeframe. They were also able to understand the immigration requirements for the initial person they wanted to manage the local office and the banking requirements for their company account. Our technology offered a complete 360 degree solution to the entire expansion journey strengthening their own knowledge to control and priortise the journey according to their budget. We supported the client with every aspect of the advice they needed to a satisfactory conclusion.
Middle East
Employer of Record/Payroll services
A multinational company with presence in over 30 countries needed to send contractors to Malaysia where they did not have a presence. We discussed different solutions with them but they did not have the budget to establish a local entity or subsidiary and wanted to send the contractors for a period of 12 months to deliver on a contract. We worked with our team to help find local sponsorship in Malaysia for our client to enable them to have their contractors employed legally in Malaysia through a compliant solution offering payroll and local employment contract solutions. This saved time and costs for the client because they were able to send key people to the country to start work without any delay.
Local Entity set up
A recently formed scale up company in the UK generating high levels of revenue wanted to scale into the US. They had explored the market and started conducting business by sending their senior staff on the visa waiver program to the US. This had been ongoing for around a year before they decided to seek advice on invoices and payments they had started to receive from the US. It was at this point they realised that they were taking risks with compliance and conducting work in breach of the regulations in the US. We worked with our client to establish a company in the US and supporting them with the tax and legal structure to suit their needs. This also involved finding a solution to fast track the transfer of their UK employees to the US.
Local Bank account
One of our client's struggled with getting paid for work they completed in Peru as they did not have a local bank account. The main issue was the client did not want to spend time in the country waiting for appointments or completing applications without any idea of timelines or requirements. We assisted in establishing a corporate bank account for our client without the need for him to travel to the country or deliver any original documents. This led to the client increasing the work activity in Peru and then a few months later establishing a local presence to continue their growth journey.
Latin America
A Managing Director of a large US pharmaceutical company travelled to Belgium and spent several months travelling on a schengen visa exceeding the six months permitted within the schengen zone. He was stopped by immigration officials at the border and questioned about his activities. Our client was removed from the country he was visiting and had to return to the US. Given that he had frequent business in Europe, this black mark in our client's passport meant that he could no longer travel on business impacting the company significantly. We made representations to the local immigration authorities and provided a complete file setting out the business case on behalf of our client. We successfully overturned the ban and our client was able to resume normal travel to Europe again.