• What is the application process?

    Applicants are required to complete a brief form and provide a video explaining their product or service.

    If selected, you will then be invited to interview in front of a panel.

    Twenty start ups will then be selected to participate.

  • How many start-ups apply on average?

    This varies for each competition but ranges from anywhere between 300-500.

  • What does the mentoring of competitors entail?

    Each selected competitor will be assigned a mentor who will dedicate 3 hours in person (split in either 3 x 1 hour sessions or 2 x 1.5 hour sessions) in the weeks leading up to the pitch. These sessions will ensure you are fully equipped to pitch at the competition.

    Our mentors will also dedicate some additional time to help you via email/phone to ensure you are prepared.

  • Do you favour any particular type of start up?

    We do not favour any particular type of start up. Applications are welcome from all start ups be they a product or a service provider, from any sector or industry.

    However, start ups launching for the first time at our event may be given some preference.

  • Does it cost to apply?

    If you are a member of the Centuro Business Hub there is no cost to apply.

    There is a cost of £350 for all other applicants.

  • Is my application confidential?

    All applications remain confidential and are only shared with the Centuro Global Pitch Battle Committee.