Doing Business in The Middle East - Risk and Rewards

Doing Business In The Middle East - Risk And Rewards

Live Strategy Session
Mar 08, 2021

The Middle East is a complex region and not the easiest place to operate. If you wish to scale a business into the Middle East, it is undeniably advantageous to operate across multiple countries.

However, as a region diverse in geography, ethnicity, religion, and culture, the heterogeneity of the Arab world means it is necessary to delve into the details of the economy and culture of each individual country.

You may wish to launch your business in the UAE due to its friendly business practices, before seeking wider commercial opportunities in Saudia Arabia, whilst tapping into more cost-effective talent from nations such as Egypt will help you manage costs.

Watch our webinar below, deciphering the secrets for success when scaling into the Middle East.


Zain Ali is the CEO of Centuro Global and a solicitor by background. He has spent most of his career advising large multinational corporates and tech startups alike on protecting their IP, managing disputes, and implementing global expansion projects.

Having worked both for an international law firm and in house, as well as living in 3 countries on 3 continents, Zain is well aware of the key challenges businesses face on the international stage.


1. Sarah Hildersley, International Trade Advisor at the Department for International Trade, will be taking the stage for the keynote and will discuss opportunities in the region as well as security, risk and the female perspective in the Middle East.

Sarah has served as a British diplomat in the Middle East and has extensive experience advising companies on their strategic approach to selling in complex markets. She now works with the UK's largest Chambers of Commerce and has had exceptional success in helping companies accelerate international sales

2. Fiona Chamberlain, ITA and Commercial Attaché for UKDIT in Qatar, is bringing her experience and will offer some truly great insights on the keynote.
Fiona Chamberlain spent three years as a Commercial Attaché in the UK’s Department for International Trade based in Qatar. She was responsible for identifying, supporting and developing opportunities for new and existent British companies seeking to enter or expand in the Qatari market. In her current role as an International Trade Advisor, she continues to promote international trade for UK companies.

3. Nihal Othman is a UAE based market entry specialist for the MENA region. Her extensive career working for Nasdaq, CNBC Universal and Baker & Mckenzie before taking on a COO role at Abou Naja IP, equips her to tackle a wide array of client requirements.
She has built up an extensive network of decision-makers within the region over the past decade and can advise on company setup, marketing, procurement, IP and overcoming cultural hurdles in the region.

Dates Mar 10, 2021
Status Completed
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