Centuro Global together with Canadian Partners Trowbridge and Allied Lawyers are excited to present an exclusive in-person networking event discussing the pathways for expanding your business into Canada.  

 This event is the perfect opportunity for European and UK-based companies, start-ups, or entrepreneurs who are looking to expand into Canada to discover the pathways that are available to them and how to action a successful Canadian expansion plan.  To understand the legal and tax requirements for entering Canada, some of the key topics will include:  

  • Canadian Election Update – tax and legal considerations 

  • Canadian tax matters on businesses entering Canada and considerations from a corporate and globally mobile employee  

  • Commercial legal considerations and opportunities  

  • UK emigration challenges  

Canadian partners and immigration experts will be on the ground to cover any questions or concerns you may have when considering your expansion into Canada. A broad range of UK-based experts in Tax, Legal, Accounting as well as Immigration will also be present should you wish to understand any complexities you may face.  

Centuro Global has identified some of the top reasons as to why companies should set up a company in Canada. The following benefits include:  

  • Setting up a company in Canada gives access to the USMCA, which is the agreement between US-Mexico-Canada for trade among the nations that account for 475 million population and combined GDP of US$ 24 trillion. 

  • Canada has signed 14 free trade agreements covering 60% of the world’s GDP. Setting up a business in Canada gives access to this enormous market that is not available in most countries. 

  • Canada has developed an excellent road, rail, and sea transportation network that provides companies with access to export-oriented business. 

  • Canada’s effective federal corporate tax rate is 9% after small business reduction and 15% after general tax reduction. This makes Canada extremely lucrative for establishing companies. 

  • Canada has 95 DTAAs with countries that are the world's biggest markets such as the US, China, India, Russia, etc., making it a very lucrative place to start a business for exports. 

  • Canada offers a lower cost of operations than the US, Australia, Germany, and the UK, making it one of the more cost-effective places to start a business. 

  • Forming a company in Canada for foreigners is easy since there is no restriction on the shareholders' nationality. To establish an LLC, only one shareholder and one director At least one director of a Canadian company should be a resident Canadian in most of the provinces. 

Date: 13th October 2021 

Venue: Centuro Global HQ, 30 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf.  

Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm BST 


Helena Turner - Director of Tax, Private Client Services, Trowbridge Professional Corporation 

Parineeta Chahal - Barrister & solicitor, Allied Lawyers 

Arun Nagratha  - Managing Director, Global Mobility Services, Trowbridge Professional Corporation 

Asma Bashir - Chairman, Centuro Global  

To discover more about potential opportunities in Canada, understanding the business and market entry landscape as well as having an opportunity to connect to some key industry experts, we highly recommend you register to attend this exclusive event. 

Dates Oct 13, 2021
Status Upcoming

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