Launch of The Business Series in collaboration with Modern Woman

The Business Series

On 27th November 2019, we launched a new events collaboration with Modern Woman at The Curtain Members' Club in London: The Business Series.

The event was split into two parts to provide maximum value for our sold-out audience, namely a social media marketing masterclass followed by a live speaker panel.

We had a full house on the night, buzzing with colourful canapés, vibrant ambience and inspiring conversation.

Dominic Baber-Norris and Xavier Parkshouse-Parker, the dynamic duo behind digital marketing service Zaphub, led a fantastic workshop in which they shared a host of actionable tips that any small business owner could get started with on social media straight away.

Three of our guests in the audience were selected for a live audit of their social media profiles, which proved to be deeply valuable for the entire audience covering tips for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Fitness & Lifestyle influencer, Karly Arber, also stepped onto the stage and delighted the audience with her bubbly personality as she shared her journey towards becoming a social media influencer, and most importantly how to remain authentic whilst growing a large following.

The key takeaway from Karly’s message was that regardless of who your audience is, authenticity always wins. 

People follow you because they are interested in you, and what you do. They want to feel as though they are taking that journey with you, getting previews of the behind-the-scenes shots of your daily life and getting to know the real person behind the screen. 

Bearing in mind that it’s natural for people to connect with people, rather than a company, it is important to showcase the human element of your business.

Do you do monthly team pizza days? Or do you have a dog friendly office?  Capture these moments in the form of short videos, boomerangs and pictures to share on your socials as this will boost intrigue and engagement amongst your followers whilst depicting you as a personable brand, rather than a cold, soulless entity.

As the workshop wrapped up, DJ Ronnie Herel from Mi-Soul radio played ambient, soulful sounds as our guests networked with one another and enjoyed the wide array of delicious canapes and refreshing drinks provided.

Panel Discussion

Rosie Coxshaw, Founder of Modern Woman, moderated the second session of the evening, where we welcomed to the stage three incredible guest panellists to discuss a variety of topics including female success, wellness and purpose as an entrepreneur.

Top takeaways:

Karene Lambert-Gorwyn, Property Investor with a multi-million pound portfolio and Co-Founder of Profit for Practitioners Mentorship program - 

  • Value collaboration over competition. This opens you up to wider opportunities for success than you could ever achieve alone.

  • Help other women climb the ladder with you. Often, as women, you work so hard trying to open doors throughout your career, that you forget to hold the door open for your fellow women along the way.

  • Quote she lives by “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life in a way that most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” 

Tram Anh Nguyen, Wall Street Trader turned Co-founder of the Centre for Finance, Tech & Entrepreneurship -

  • Stay healthy and remember to switch off, to avoid burn out. 

  • Ensure you have a deep-rooted mission that underpins your company and motivates your team. Every single day she receives testimonials from students all over the world who have landed jobs in fintech thanks to her programme. 

  • Quote she lives by “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”. Thomas A. Edison 

Chantal Gautier, Chartered Psychologist - 

  • The future of work is changing. As an employer, you must trust your employees enough to give them autonomy.

Thank you to all who came and shared in a wonderful evening.

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Venue Details

The Curtain Member's Club

Dates Nov 27, 2019
Status Completed

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