Barriers to entering the US market and pathways to success

Barriers To Entering The US Market And Pathways To Success

A Centuro Global expansion event
Jun 04, 2021
The new Biden administration recently signed into law a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill to boost the US economy. With an emphasis on growing businesses, increasing jobs and attracting foreign talent, this is a fantastic time to launch in the US. 

Join us on 23 June 2021 at 2pm BST / 9am EDT to discover some excellent tips on launching into the region. 

Asma Bashir, Chairwoman of Centuro Global will be joined by an expert panel of renowned US lawyers and accountants to take you through some practical steps on doing business in the United States. 

We will cover what you need to think about before expansion, launching in the US and then ensuring long term success. Topics to be discussed will include:

1. The pros and cons of entering the US market – should you go big or stay home?

2. Is a Delaware company the best option for entity setup?

3. How to handle contract negotiations with US parties

4. Protecting your intellectual property

5. Payroll and Employee considerations

6. Immigration Options

7. Global Transfer Pricing and Tax Planning


1. Teresa Gordon - Shareholder, Clayton & Mckervey

2. Eric R. Fox - Managing Partner, Ivins, Philips & Barker

3. Thomas Thorelli - Partner/Owner, Thorelli and Associates


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Dates Jun 23, 2021
Status Completed
Contributors: ASMA BASHIR

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