COVID-19 Has Ripped Off The Band Aid For the Old Way of Working

COVID-19 Has Ripped Off The Band Aid For The Old Way Of Working

Sep 22, 2020

Our Chairwoman, Asma Bashir, participated in a roundtable of business leaders discussing the impact of COVID-19 on business and what they think the future will hold. 

The first question asked was, ‘How is COVID-19 affecting your business and your clients?’

Asma Bashir, who has run various businesses in her career, kicked off the debate by saying: “We have several businesses in our portfolio and were able to react very quickly. As soon as the government announced we were going into lockdown, we were able to respond efficiently due to the technology infrastructure we had in place.

“In regards to the shift to remote working, there was a high-level of excitement in the first couple of weeks, with working from home being a new experience and people feeling united with their families, but gradually it is starting to wear on people and the excitement has waned.

“From an external perspective, the impact on our clients has been varied. For the start-up clients we deal with, they are being challenged by cashflow, their business runway in terms of funding and also how they navigate the various government schemes.

“For our larger customers, we have had challenges with their expat population and people being stuck in other countries and we’ve been trying to support them with crisis management and getting them the advice and support they need.”


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