All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go!

All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go!

Our Collaboration with Raishma Couture, 30th April, 2019
Aug 07, 2019

We are excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with fashion designer Raishma of Raishma Couture to support The Cherie Blair Foundation and The Hemraj Goyal Foundation in an entertaining evening of girl talk and fashion, an event not to be missed! 

The Cherie Blair Foundation 
The Cherie Blair Fouondation help release the potential of women entrepreneurs, so they can redefine the future. With our support, women and girls start and grow successful businesses – and reclaim the rights and freedoms they are too often denied.As a result, they earn a better living – but that’s only the beginning. Families flourish. Communities prosper. Attitudes shift. Economies grow. And women move the world in a whole new direction.

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation
The Hemraj Goyal Foundation is passionate about building a sustainable future for the children of today. The distribute funds to organisations with a clear vision, a vision for a world where children have the right to education, are free from suffering and abuse, women’s rights are empowered, and the disabled are offered a chance to fulfill their potential.

Venue Details

73 York St, Marylebone, London W1H 1QE

Dates Apr 30, 2019
Status Completed

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