Free expert advice & interactive roadmap for 100+ countries to expand your business abroad, all on one platform.
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Not sure where to start expanding your business to another country? Centuro Connect is a revolutionary new global expansion platform that gives companies the expertise to trade in any jurisdiction globally. 
Our easy to use, self-service portal will grant users access to 100 + global expansion blueprints worldwide from experts in global expansion - all for free. Saving you time and money on your international expansion projects.

The entire international expansion process is covered in a user
friendly and digestible way. A Centuro Connect membership gives you…
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    Expansion Blueprints
    Get unlimited access to detailed expansion blueprints and jurisdiction requirements for over 100 countries
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    Unique Network
    Unlimited access to a unique network of trusted and recommended experts in all countries
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    Actionable Support
    The opportunity to post requests for support and get the specific information you need from the right experts
Rather than spending weeks and months researching information and looking for service providers, our platform will provide you with knowledge from day 1, empowering you with the initial decision-making information to then enable you to appoint the right experts for your project.
At each step of a country’s blueprint, we recommend trusted local experts who are able to help with your expansion journey.
  • Empower yourself with important and up to date information
  • Save time finding the right local partners
  • Simplify your international expansion journey all in one place
  • Doc2

    As a growing technology business, it is paramount to fully understand the markets you are entering. Centuro Global is our go-to source for information on international markets from a financial and legal perspective. The Centuro Connect platform makes finding specific data seamless, through a simple and intuitive platform that is a pleasure to use.

  • A-Gas
    Very useful, informative platform which is easy to navigate to find top line information we require for our growing European business. We also liked the straight talking and easy to understand language used, as opposed to other sites that can be complicated and full of legal jargon that is hard to interpret.
  • Atkins Global
    I found the platform really easy to navigate and has lots of useful content for almost every country. The expert support is a great feature and we would be keen to see more categories for immigration.
  • SNC-Lavalin
    Very intuitive platform with vast amount of information on entity set up, tax rates, immigration process and much more. As the Head of a large Global HR team, this type of information is really useful and saves us time and expense when researching new markets around the world.
  • Hiveage
    We at Hiveage are in the process of establishing our EU presence with the UK as our headquarters. As the founder of a self-funded business, I always look for the strategic advice and guidance that is timely and cost-effective, and saves me the effort of doing exhaustive research about different countries and their laws. Centuro Global has been helping me in the process over the last several years as and when I need it, so that I can proceed without worrying about the complications related to legal and compliance issues. 
  • Lottie
    This is a fantastic platform that lays out complex information in a really easy to use and digestible format. It really simplifies the understanding of the requirements when undertaking international expansion.
  • 1PUTT
    This is a game changer for cutting through the legal noise when making a move overseas. I was really impressed with the depth of content you get up front at no cost.
  • Hiveage

    The Centuro Connect online platform is simple and easy to use. Both the experts and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable in legal matters pertaining to many different countries—and they’re super easy to communicate with!

  • Currie & Brown
    We found this platform to be extremely helpful. The assistance they provided when we set up an entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was invaluable. I would highly recommend Centuro Connect to companies who need to save time and money and need quick access to accurate data when looking to set up entities in complex jurisdictions.