Why You Need To Up Your Networking

Centuro Global, 3 September, 2019


The chances are, the above word either fills you with excitement or a sense of dread. Nonetheless, regardless of how it makes you feel, networking is essential for your startup. 

For many people, networking is practically intolerable. Networking events can sometimes feel forced and may even seem fake and artificial to some. 

In reality, though, the functional purpose of networking is about as natural and authentic as it gets.

“People do business with people.”


It’s an age-old saying but still holds true nonetheless. In fact, in the modern digital ecosystem, the ability to engage people face-to-face is a dying art.

Think back to that time you gained a client purely off the back of a chance encounter. Or how about that time an old friend or colleague just threwchucked some work your way because they could trust you would do a good job, at a fair price. These examples stem from networking in some shape or form. We’ve even heard a story about a startup landing their first major client by literally spilling coffee on a stranger at an event in London! All it took was a chat and a bit of luck - fortunately, the recipient happened to be in the market for his product (and a new shirt!)

If your business has a unique founding story, or interesting people/products behind it, what better way is there to get people enthused in your brand than by simply telling them about it? Instead of throwing money at digital promotion, a savvy startup should be on the lookout for the dozens of free networking events going on in London every month. Sure, you probably won’t meet any massive prospects at a free event, but, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people. 

People do business with people and nearly everyone prefers to do business with people they know personally. People you’ve met and built a relationship with will remember you and drive sales into the future. 

There aren’t many better feelings than building a consistent revenue stream just from referrals - clients you’ve gotten to know in-person are more likely to want to refer you business. We all have clients who we’ve developed personal relationships with and they’re the clients who we reliably retain going forward.

Ultimately, networking is never going to be for everyone. Some people can’t get enough and attend multiple events every single week in London. If you’re one of those lucky few - keep at it! If you’re in the larger camp of people who can’t really get excited by spending an evening networking, start with one event a week and build up from there. If you know that you’ll only be at a handful of events every year, you’re more likely to make the most of every encounter and find yourself enjoying it much more. 

Something we’re crystal clear on at CG is the absolute need for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with the right people. We tailor our events to ensure that the right people are in the right room to make meaningful connections.

To stay in the loop on great upcoming events and start surrounding yourself with an A-Team, get involved with Centuro Global today!

Dates Sep 03, 2019

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