Top  Reasons to Attend Centuro GEC 2023

Top Reasons To Attend Centuro GEC 2023

Here are a few specific reasons why you should register and be a part of the Global Expansion Conference 2023 in London!
Dec 14, 2022
Here at Centuro Global, we take pride in connecting to people and networks. We’re a technology platform that is led by human expertise – and our network of experts and clients globally inspires us to help solve the various challenges of global expansion. Connecting with our network is therefore crucial, as their insights and knowledge are helping to solve some of the international business challenges companies are facing today. Our team has a wide background of expertise, and after attending many conferences across multiple industries; we are thrilled to have launched the world’s first Global Expansion Conference.
In 2022, we brought together our global network as well as thought leaders, corporate clients, rapidly growing companies, influential government bodies and investors to discuss the future of global business and the challenges the world is expected to face over the next decade.  

In 2023 we will be hosting Centuro GEC 2023, this time with a focus on the Future of Work and Cross-Border Compliance Challenges. We aim to make this memorable and impactful, and with so many exciting things in store for all attendees, here are a few specific reasons why you should register to be a part of the Global Expansion Conference 2023 in London.  

1. Flexibility of Learning Formats  

The varied structure of Centuro GEC 2023 will allow attendees to experience professional development in many different formats. We’ve invited a curated list of experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds to speak and host workshops.  The objective is to inform delegates of different and new perspectives, enabling you to see possibilities for the future that will change and improve the way you do business.

Delegate participation is at the heart of Centuro GEC 2023. Our panel discussions, fireside chats and interactive masterclass formats will ensure dynamic discussion and interactions with other delegates, as well as provide ample opportunities to pose questions to all expert panel of speakers.
Finally, if you miss a session you wanted to attend or didn’t catch a keynote speech, all the sessions will be available on-demand after the conference concludes. There will also be an entire library of conference highlights available in our gallery.

Watch Centuro GEC 2022 Highlights

2. Sessions designed to help you take action 

We know that a lot of the time, professionals don’t always have time to attend a conference purely “on spec”, with vague ideas of what they’re going to get and what we can be employed. We have thoroughly researched international business trends and identified the most relevant hot topics in each industry, allowing us to put together an agenda specific to your industry function and tie it into the global expansion perspective.

We’re excited for all attendees to enjoy the sessions we have planned. The conference will include over 15 sessions that speak to the theme of “Global Expansion: A New Frontier.” Centuro GEC 2023 will feature demonstrations of a variety of the latest disruptive technologies appealing to the various facets of our delegates.  With applicable knowledge, insights, tools, advice and takeaways being the focus of all the sessions, you will leave the conference feeling enlightened and educated to benchmark your company’s systems and processes.

Look back at our 2022 roster of keynote speakers, experienced business leaders and Centuro Global Network experts HERE

3. Useful and Informative Networking opportunities 

With a cap on the number of delegates, Centuro GEC 2023 will be exclusive, and candid. Delegates will feel at ease in a room full of peers and meet just about everyone over two days whilst appreciating our Sponsors and Partners, who will be on hand for advice. We will also incorporate a social element into the conference’s programme. From breakfast networking and lunches to a prestigious dinner, Centuro GEC 2023 will balance engaging sessions with the opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues in the industry. The prestigious Centuro Global INT-X Awards 2023 and the associated gala dinner will be a high point – get together with other executives in the sector and celebrate the teams and organisations that have made a difference in the past year.

We invite you to join us and take advantage of the many networking sessions, and one-on-one meetups to catch up, get inspiration and ideas, and do business. If you attended last year’s conference, you know how much energy and participation there was in the chats and exchanges, and we look forward to more of that in 2023.

Catch some highlights from Centuro GEC2022 below

4. A Signature Agenda  

Centuro GEC 2022 provided delegates with a toolkit for accelerating the future of business, focusing on thought leadership, AI, and Sustainability to enhance delegates’ effectiveness and success in their organisations. Next year, Centuro GEC2023 will feature insights from the brightest minds in tech and business, strategies for a better future of work, and forge a compliant way for doing business across borders. The remote work revolution, current market and economic challenges continue to transform the way we live and work. With more employees working from anywhere, it is becoming harder for companies to manage compliance on a global scale. The war on talent has also complicated how companies hire, manage and retain talent globally. This carries complications, with immigration, tax and varying local and international laws.

Regulatory compliance is now at the heart of every organisation’s operation. In that regard, the Conference’s agenda is created in collaboration with some of the most influential business leaders across the globe who will identify and address any changes or shifts that are underway. This will help keep you well-positioned should any sweeping changes come to pass.  
In this regard, the conference will also feature government officials and policymakers discussing best practices and emerging themes with firsthand insights into fully understanding bureaucratic global laws and legislations.

While we build the 2023 agenda, explore last year`s agenda built upon research that addressed the most critical trends and priorities for top senior business executives and their teams HERE.

5. Bringing people together to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience  

In spending time at a good event location, you can extract a positive experience that can stay with you. Travelling, in general, broadens the mind but attending a well-organised conference in a quality location can overall be a relaxing and enriching experience. This is especially in the case of Centuro GEC 2023’s venue - Hilton London Syon Park.

On the grounds of a 200-year-old estate, the Hilton Syon Park feels like a Country Escape, despite being only 15 minutes away from London Heathrow airport. The venue is part of the “Travel Sustainable” Programme and has taken steps to reduce waste, energy & greenhouse gases as well as water consumption, whilst celebrating nature and giving back to the local community.
We work hard in the Global Expansion Industry, with the responsibility of ensuring the various needs of what is required for expanding into new markets globally. It’s a rewarding experience to delve into the rich theory and practice of our industry in a relaxed yet dedicated environment. Think of it as an opportunity to get back from the day-to-day routine, and take stock of the issues that are at hand.

*Centuro Global has reserved a limited number of hotel rooms at special hotel rates for registered attendees. Reservations will open in the coming months. Please check back for more details. Not registered yet? You’ll need to register for the conference before you can book your hotel room. Register Now

6. Bringing it All Together – Get Inspired! 

Centuro GEC isn’t just about learning and networking, though both are important. The conference is also about making an impact, accelerating change and being inspired! We at Centuro Global want every Centuro GEC 2023 delegate to walk away feeling invigorated and encouraged.

Don’t take our word for it, here is a range of perspectives from experts who have spent plenty of time on the “front line” at Centuro GEC 2022. And with King Charles III’s coronation happening just a few days later, you never know who else you might bump into at Centuro GEC2023!

These are just 6 of the reasons we’re excited about Centuro GEC 2023, but there are many more. Register today to join us on 3-4 May 2023—we look forward to seeing you there!

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