The Network Effect: Season 2 is coming!

The Network Effect: Season 2 Is Coming!

We're back!
Sep 09, 2022
Centuro Global is proud to announce that we will be re-launching The Network Effect – this exciting broadcast show provides insights into the latest global expansion news and provides companies with actionable insights from world-renowned experts on how to scale globally. Our first release for Season 2 goes live next week.

Each week, the Centuro Global team '' go live'' on LinkedIn to dive into the latest global news, expansion best practices, and bring on a range of fantastic guests from the world of venture capital, private equity and across the business world.

In Season 1, which was presented throughout 2021, we had a huge variety of speakers join us to discuss their business insights and advice. One of the highlights was Per Wimmer, who joined us for '' The Space Special'' to discuss his journey to becoming an Astronaut and an entrepreneur.

Expected to be the first Danish citizen and one of the first 700 people in the history of humanity to go to space, Per Wimmer is truly the financier who is winning the space race. Per joins us in an exclusive interview to discuss his experience with space, taking risks to achieve successful entrepreneurship, and how the advancement of space technology can benefit life on earth. Per, a financier, and philanthropist also provides great insights into key investment advice and provides tips for young entrepreneurs.

We also had industry experts including Ronan Dunne, Mimi Zhou and many more join us to deep dive into their business endeavours.

Season 2 promises to be just as special, as we bring some of the hottest global topics to the table. Let's help you get global!

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