Introducing Our Speakers - Centuro Global Expansion Conference 2023

Introducing Our Speakers - Centuro Global Expansion Conference 2023

The future of work and cross-border business is a very complex subject of discussion, that’s why we are inviting top leading experts on the topic for each perspective.
Mar 20, 2023
Preparations are fully underway for our Annual Global Expansion Conference on 3-4 May in London, and we cannot wait to see you. In the lead-up to May 3, we will be keeping you apprised of our great lineup of highly influential and prominent speakers who will share their perspectives and the latest innovative progress made across various industries and countries in helping to drive international business growth.

The Centuro Global Expansion Conference continues to have an undeniable impact on transforming the global expansion space by forging promising and collaborative partnerships that have enabled progress towards navigating risk and compliance anywhere in the world – creating a sustainable, inclusive future of international business.

The conference has moved beyond its depth of content and diversity of attendees to create greater outcomes in organizations and across industries. The question at this critical moment in time is: How will today's global challenges impact the future of work and cross-border business as we know it? 

This is the question our speakers will explore as they delve into discussions around ESG/sustainability, Leadership, Remote and Hybrid work,  Global Mobility, Compliance, DE&I, the Metaverse and more.

As a global community, we are at the very beginning of this frontier, and Centuro Global Expansion Conference will provide the platform to unpack key trends, themes, and technologies that will define the rapidly evolving future of work and international business.

We kicked off the conversation at the inaugural Centuro Global Expansion Conference in May 2022, and we’re excited to continue at this year's event.

Check out some of our talks from last year to learn more about why we hold our speakers in such high esteem, and why we are so excited to welcome you to #CenturoGEC2023 on May 3-4!

Meet our speakers 

The future of work and cross-border business is a very complex subject of discussion, that’s why we are inviting top leading experts on the topic for each perspective.

Our speakers include thought leaders, subject matter experts and innovators leading today’s most successful global workplaces and creating the next generation of employee experiences and innovation.  

A Q&A session will follow each speaker’s sessions, enabling delegates to interact directly with the speakers and during the networking breaks following the keynotes and panel discussions.

Juliet Slot, the Chief Commercial Officer of Arsenal F.C., will explore what the future holds for Senior Executives as the future of work exerts pressures on companies to evolve and change.

David Palmer, Blockchain Lead from Vodafone Business, will share opportunities that exist in the Metaverse and how to create new business models through a digital experience.

Simon Massie-Taylor, the Chief Executive of Premiership Rugby, will focus on revenue generation, marketing and brand partnerships and digital and data transformation, specifically on how global business leaders can use them in creating visions for their companies to compete at an international level.

Nina Jane Patel, Co-founder and VP of Metaverse Research, Kabuni, will ensure that we will learn about how the Metaverse is being built and how to get involved in that process.

Peter Knight, Head of Global Mobility at Rolls Royce, will address a variety of global topics while looking at local approaches to improve employee development, mobility management, and compliance.

The list of Speakers doesn’t end here! Many more of them are ready to freshen up your view during our 2-day action-packed event!

Learn more about our speakers here.

What they'll be speaking about

Metaverse and Web3: Regulatory risk of what is to come, how does this impact people and remote work

Is the metaverse futureproofing remote and hybrid working? Or is it creating greater risk? Employers are leveraging metaverse technologies to help improve connection, innovation and collaboration for remote working opportunities. From 3D virtual meetings in a ''metaverse office'', to global off-site team building ''retreats'', the possibilities of working in the metaverse are limited only by imagination. Will the Metaverse also render overseas assignments redundant?
Nonetheless, risks within the metaverse are still unknown and could cause compliance and regulatory challenges for companies. What does a metaverse policy entail? Is a metaverse office legitimate based on global guidance and legislation? What are some of the risks and data protection considerations? What rights do employees have within the metaverse and who is helping to govern employee interaction?

Sleepless in the C Suite: what’s keeping business leaders awake in 2023?

New realities, new strategies: what is keeping leadership teams awake? Companies are laser-focused on transformation – embracing the changes initiated or accelerated by the pandemic. Their concerns include People, Purpose, Prices and Productivity. But they're also grappling with exogenous risks – geopolitical tension, political market interference and the climate emergency. How do various cross-border teams come together to deal with global challenges whilst focusing on business growth and expansion? Learn from top C-Suite experts in this panel session.

Future flash: Latin America at the centre of the new global order 

Latin America may be the world's most consequential yet under-discussed geography – despite arguably lying at the centre of the New Global Order. Conversations involving Latin America tend to be siloed, unlike those involving China, India, Southeast Asia, or Africa, which are woven into the global discourse. Yet Latin America is situated in the crosshairs of the biggest questions about humanity's collective future: climate and environmental destruction; natural resources; de- globalisation; and societal inclusion.

...and many more.

Get ready and join us for a journey through the wonders of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable future of work and cross-border business. We eagerly invite you to be a part of the conversation!

Have you registered yet? Visit www.globalexpansionconference.com or fill out the form below to register and save your spot!

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