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In order to legally work in Bulgaria as a highly qualified professional via the so-called Blue Card of the EU work and residence permit, you must first obtain a work permit. In order to qualify for such, you must hold at least a 3 years bachelor degree from an officially recognized university and a job offer from a Bulgarian employer. Work permits in Bulgaria are processed through the Employment Agency (EA).

Let’s say you receive a job offer you want to accept. Firstly, your potential employer should apply for your work permit for a highly qualified professional EA. This can be done only through the EA office in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The documents are submitted only in hard copies. Only original or notary verified documents are accepted. The application can be done directly from the employer or through your Immigration provider. The employer submits various company documents together with translated and legalized education documents of the employee. The processing time officially is up to 15 days but in reality, it usually takes around 3 weeks.

Then, once these documents have been approved, you can prepare your visa application documents, book an interview at the closest to your Bulgarian Embassy or consulate. The processing time for the visa is up to 45 calendar days.

After receiving your visa you can now enter Bulgaria and continue with the application for your local residence permit type Blue Card. The application takes places at the Migration Office responsible for your Bulgarian residence address. You have up to 180 days to submit your residence permit application, however, you can’t start officially work until you have obtained your residency card so it is advisable that you apply as soon as you arrive in the country. The review of the application documents takes up to 7 days and another 3 to 30 days (depending on the type of service you pay for) for issuing your new ID card. As soon as you receive your Blue Card you can start your employment

The validity of this type of work permits is up to 4 years and it is one of the most favourable ways to legally work in Bulgaria.

Dates Mar 01, 2021

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