How British brands have helped to shape international business today

How British Brands Have Helped To Shape International Business Today

The Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022
Jun 02, 2022
In June 2022, Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum Jubilee. She will be celebrating 70 years of service as The Queen of England. Many will be celebrating this momentous anniversary.

We would like to acknowledge some of the major quintessentially British brands that have helped shape - and been shaped by – modern international business and expansion over the past 70 years. A summarized timeline can be found below.  

1953: The coronation of Queen Elizabeth caused sales of gin (and all-things British) to soar in the US. The US remains one of the top consumers of Gordon’s to this day.

1961: Jaguar premiers the new E-type model at the Geneva Motor Show. Today, Jaguar pledges that all modern cars will be fully electric by 2025.

1972: Marks and Spencer opens its first international shop in Canada. The successful launch prompts further expansion into France and Belgium in 1975.
1980: British Airways' inaugural, direct flight from London to Beijing takes off.

1982: Trading profits for Cadbury are reported to be greater outside of Britain than in the UK for the first time in history.

1990’s: After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the BBC begins broadcasting in local languages across Central and Eastern Europe including: Croatian (1991), Ukrainian (1992), Albanian (1993), Kazakh (1995).

2006: Online retail for Burberry opens first in the US.
2014: Fortnum and Mason open their first international retail storefront in Dubai.
2018: Twinings publishes the list of tea gardens used for production to create a system of ethical accountability.  

There are thousands of successful international expansion stories for both companies entering the United Kingdom, as well as successful UK brands that have entered new foreign markets.

It is expected that the next 70 years will continue along the trends established in the more recent decades, leaning on advancements in technology, emerging consumer markets, and ethical & sustainable business practices. Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on 70 years of service.
We look forward to supporting the future of business expansion for both UK companies as well as companies entering the UK.
Whether you are a UK brand looking to enter new foreign markets, or a company looking to enter the UK, we can support your expansion plans. Please contact us should you require any assistance.  

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